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too long   
12:45pm 11/02/2006
  Just got done taking the ACT and god that test is sooooooooooooo long. It really is not fun. Then mom took me out to eat....mmmmmmm....it was good.
I plan on working on Wes's gift.....it will be a late Valentine's day gift.
Do home work
Go to the play
talk to Wes and i think that will be it.

love, peace and bunnys

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lets play dead   
07:05pm 30/01/2006
mood: blah
Coffee- is good....i love that shit....i don't care if it is bad for me! I love it and that is all that matters in the fact.
School- sucks bad.....ready for summer and i'm ready to get the hell out of there.
Painting- is the best thing for me to do at the moment. I need it, it just calms me down.
Clay- although i love it, it is making my hands dry and my skin is starting to dry. It hurts really bad, but i guess it just means i love working with it so much. I just keep playing with clay even when my hands are hurting.
Lemmy kitten- is growning up too fast. I want my little baby kitten back. I guess he will fover be my baby.
sad- missing wes like crazy. I got used to having him around again and it was so nice. I just want to talk to him face to face.
The End

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some photos form my trip to see Wes   
04:36pm 04/01/2006
Image hosted by Photobucket.com I put Wes's hair in a bun is it would not tuch his new tattoo!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com A close up of the new baby!

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hey kids   
09:33pm 26/12/2005
  Hey kids. Guess where are i am? Yep in Wes's house! Right now. life is good! Just wanted to say hey and hope everyone had gotton what they wanted!
Have fun and be good!

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what the final scare is.....drum role please!   
06:35pm 20/12/2005
  let's see: final grades for all....first half,secon half and the test!
Math= B
A+P= A
wartime America= A

That is all i know for now!

Other news i found a suitcase and i started to pack. I hate to pack,but i guess i have to seening that i am leaving on Thursday!
Well kids that is that show for to day!
hungs and bunnys

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wee so so so so so happy i got done with the shit load of art stuff!   
08:16pm 11/12/2005
mood: giggly
Fuck yeah i got done and early so now my mind can take a break from worrying so much. I got done with all five of my drawing for art class and with my artist book for graphic class. Yeah biches suck my cock because i am a fucking god! I'm so happy i'm done and i feel better like a ton of weight has just been taken off my shoulders. So life is good agian! Yep!
The only thing that i have left is to read a book for my history class and i'am half done with it already......so i think i will be fine!We will wait and see!

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08:50pm 09/12/2005
mood: awake
So last night i could not sleep for the life of me. It felt like i had forgotten. I tried everything to make myself sleep, but nothing seemed to work. At around 2 a.m i think i fell a sleep. Needless to say i was worthless at school. My mind just spacing off and i talked like an idoit. I think i also laughed for no reason in my ceramics class,but i made it through.
soooooooo when i had gotton home from school i just crawled straight to bed and slept my life away. Well at least three hours of it. Life is good again after sleep!
Love and Bunnys,
Eden Stewart

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06:04pm 08/12/2005
mood: sick
fuck fuck.....My belly hurts and i want to just go to bed. I will get my home work done and crawl onto my bed and Die. Someone needs to shoot me in the belly then there would be a reason for it to hurt so fucking much. ahhhhhhh....well i geuss i will do that homework because no one is going to do it for me. Yep...life is sweet....well not right now....but once the pain will go way it will be fine.

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yep still here!   
05:53pm 04/12/2005
  Went to dad's for the weekend! Got lots of things done and still have to do lots more.
I read lots over the weekend it is sick how much i read. I also got some of the art stuff out of the way. I still need to get done with homework.

Something that is bugging me I feel like Wes dose not want to talk to me and i bug him. He tells me that he is wants me to just be there and he longer wants to do this phone thing. It makes me sad, but i know that he is just in a mood. I hope that he will open up to me just a little more.
I love him so much and i want to be super happy.

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done with two more biches   
11:55am 25/11/2005
mood: amused
So yep getting done with things like super fast like a bunny. I got done with both Emsii's scarf and sammy's. I also know what i'm getting Wes for a gift. I will pick it up tomarrow when i go shopping with dad. He is also going to give me about $200 form the money he barowed last year, so that i can get poeple some gifts.
Things i need to do today
*get done with Wes's familys photos and coloring them
*get done with reading book (only two more chapters to go and i need to start a new book for my history class)
*get done with the art stuff form class.....just the drawing that i am behind on.
*If time work on art stuff that is work form out of class.

Yep so that is it. I really I'am getting alot of shit done. IT is really REALY good to feel like i'am getting things out of the way.
Love and Bunnys
27 more days until i see the boy!

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ha ha ha ha biches   
05:16pm 23/11/2005
  Yes one chirstams gift down lots more to go. I jut got done making Wes's Sister's gift. And many i say so that it is super kicking some ass. I love it! I hope that she dose as well.
Well back to work and taking cold pills!
I will write down all the gifts i got done as i get them done!
hugs and bunnys

( a hardcore bunny.)

03:51pm 23/11/2005
  Yep I think that my body dose not like me. I started to feel bad yesturday at school, but i thouhgt in my hippie mind that if i took some of the herb pills that it will go away. Did it? Did it? NNNNNNOOOOOO!
It is crazy to think that of all the times for me to get sick is when i have a short little break form school. I blame this on mom. She got sick, she then got Frank sick and now the very last person to get this little joy is me!!!!!! And how i love it so!

Things that i am working on.....well i'm trying to work on

*Tie off sammy's scarf and put the little hangy things on the end! It is almost done

*Start Emsii's scarf

*finsh at least coloring in the photos of Wes's family so i can send him the photos back!

*finsh Wes's Sister's gift.....i think i will be done with it within a couple of hours!

P.S I don't know if i should what and gift wrap their gifts or wait until i get there.

29 days until i see the boy
How i miss him so!

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07:22pm 15/11/2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com     Hey kids!  How are things?

Yes things seem to be going well.  Life is good.  Grades look good.  I'm hoping that i can bring up my wartime America grade.  Yep that would be nice, but not really going to stress about it.  If it happens then great but if not then that is o.k then. 

I really need to work quick fast like a bunny on some of the art stuff.  I feel like i am behad on some things in art class, so my plan is to work suppor fast at home and do the other half at school.  I hope that i can get done with both of then at the same time.  Yep that would be very nice. 

Other then school things i have been working my butt off the try and get everyone's chirsmas gifts done and over with.  I think that i might have to start to buy stuff if i can't make everyone gifts. 

Of right now i am working on


Wes's mom's

And my mom

Everything is taking so much longer then i thought it would.  So I think that i will work lots over Thanksgiving. 

Hungs and Bunnys



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Back biches....yes...sream and be happy!   
04:56pm 24/10/2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com     So yes i am writting again.  I feel better and i feel like writing agian.  I just needed some time for myself to get myself together.  Overall i'm doing well....looking forward for christmas......because i need no longer want but i NEED to see my boy.  School is just a bich and i have ton of things i have to do, but overall i'm going good in school. 

Things i have to do this week

  • Ask wes or sister to send me some photos of thier family and all that good stuff.  I will give it back after i photo copy it and i will give then back the photos they send me. (this is for a gift that i am making for Wes's mom for christmas.)

  • I need to work on Wes's gift, his sister, his mom's and his grandma'a gift so i want have to make like tons of gift in a short amount of time. 

  • need to work on artist book on the weekend

  • need to work on daily art book

  • study for math test

  • I NEED to get done to day the grapics thing TODAY along with math homework.(yek)

Hung and bunnys



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04:28pm 10/10/2005
  This journal is dead for a little while. I will still read everyone's and sent post back on what i read but i will not write any of the day to day things or what is going on in my mind. I need to just think things throw and write it down on paper and maybe just stay with in myself for a little while. Sorry kids.....but i will still read your jornals.
love and peace

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getting to the piont where i think everyone else is crazy!   
06:18pm 27/09/2005
mood: awake
O.k this is the thing. I am getting bad again. I was like this in 9th grade and i thought i got over it last year but here it comes creeping up again. I am getting to an absection over my grades. I feel like it is a life and death thing. I NEED all my grades to be "A", or i will fail at life. Ahhh i need help. It is sick that my brain is never happy until i get what i think i want. I hope i can lossen up a bit. I hate to think that this year my nose is going to be in the school books all year like it was in 9th grade. But hey i did it once and if it happens again i guess it will not hurt anyone.

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it is that time......for your penis to explode...he he!   
07:15pm 26/09/2005
mood: bouncy
My birthday is coming up soon. That is so carzy. I feel so old. I don't really know why. I think that the fact that i am only going to be one year away form being a realy perosn with real right, is what is throwing me of. Ahhhh i see a gray hair.
I am also going nutts trying to think of what wes and his family is sending me. I do this alot....when i know something is coming but i don't know what it is....it drives me crazy. ahhhhhhhh.....i have no idea what the crazy boy of mine have in mind. It makes me nerves and scard.......what will he do? ahhhhhh........
Other then that just another birthday one year older and one year closer to being an adult. That makes me nerves and jummpy.

p.s i think that Wes's nicest, smartest sister that i love so dearly tell me what her drother had gotton me. I will love her for EVER! love yah!

( a hardcore bunny.)

09:25pm 22/09/2005
mood: amused
What is new......we now have a/c. Life is good again. Mom is happy so now, everyone is happy.

I did home work
Took a show
and i am going to go read.....yes you are right i am reading to get my test scores higher....yep that is the only reason why i read
waitting on a phone call.
go to bed.

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mom will kill them and then eat their heart   
07:55pm 21/09/2005
  Mom is mad.....she is right out pissed. This is today would be a hole 4 weeks that we do not have a/c. Some guys came to fix it last night and it worked for that night and only that night. We walked in today and the house was like an oven. The land lord come and my mom was asking when they think they can fix it and he said he will see what he can do. She was so mad.....she siad that she really would like to have it fixed befor lone. He said that "We will see". Then he had the nerve to tell us if we did not like the way things are then we could move out. What kind of shit is that. If it was him without the a/c he would freak out and get it fixed as soon as possible. So now mom is looking for a new place....she said she wants to pay...yeah we will wait and see.  

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home is still hot as hell   
04:18pm 18/09/2005
  Just got home form dad's....i forgot how hot it is here. But hey that is how it is. Also checked grades.....they all look good...the only one i'm worryed about is math and that is because he never takes up any of the work. I have a 89 in that class right now and me being me i'm not going to be happy until that is an A. Yes i am that nerdy and i need for all my grades to be A's or my brain will explade. yep.....that is it for now......also mom is back at work, means less time for her and i to try to take and more time for me to read and do home work.

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